STUBBS: Bar-B-Q Slider Sauce, 12 oz
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STUBBS: Bar-B-Q Slider Sauce, 12 oz

Stubb sold a lot of Bar-B-Q sandwiches in his restaurant- it was one of the most popular items. Today this legacy lives on as you enjoy some love & happiness with our easy to use Bar-B-Q Slider Cookin’ sauce. Make it up different ways just like Stubb would, try it with pork or beef.

  • Gluten Free Ingredients


Looking for the perfect sauce to top off your barbecue? Look no further than Stubb's! Our sauces, marinades and rubs are made with quality, gluten free ingredients, ensuring that your meal is delicious and healthy. Plus, we never use artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources, so you can enjoy the authentic, Legendary Texas Flavor that Stubb was known for.