• SIMPLY ORGANIC: Smoked Paprika, 2.72 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Turmeric, 2.38 Oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Ground Allspice 2.3 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Cayenne Pepper, 2.89 oz

  • THE SPICE HUNTER: Spanish Mancha Saffron Strands Whole, 0.01 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Chinese Five Spice, 1.9 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Thyme Leaf Whole, 0.78 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Bay Leaves Turkish, 0.1 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Cilantro, 0.78 oz

  • THE SPICE HUNTER: 100% Organic Dill Weed, 0.5 oz

  • THE SPICE HUNTER: 100% Organic Basil, 0.3 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Rosemary, 1 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract, 8 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Pure Almond Extract, 4 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Almond Extract, 2 Oz

  • SPICE HUNTER: Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract, 2 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Organic Pure Vanilla Extract, 4 oz

  • SPICE HUNTER: Pure Lemon Extract, 2 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Garam Masala, 3 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Cilantro, 0.3 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: White Pepper, 2.86 oz

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC: Turmeric, 2.38 Oz


  • SPICE HUNTER: Whole Mediterranean Bay Leaves, 0.14 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Rainbow Peppercorns, 1.9 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Organic Whole Black Peppercorns, 2 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Organic Smoked Paprika, 2 oz

  • MORTON & BASSETT: Harissa, 1.9 oz


Spice Journey

I enjoyed our walk along the Mediterranean to see some rosemary shrubs. If we walk away from the beach and go a little more inland, towards the Levant region east of the Mediterranean, it has bountiful amounts of thyme. This is another aromatic perennial evergreen herb that comes from the mint family. Thymus vulgaris is the kind that is generally used in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. There are many varieties you can use and it’s a great herb to get familiar with.

For this spice journey, I want to bring you on a walk along the Mediterranean coast. Near the coastline, where you can feel the salty spray of the sea and smell the fragrant shrubs and plants growing. Salvia rosmarinus grows along this coastline and is a very popular herb. Despite it being an herb, my sensors indicate it is a good culinary ingredient to report on due to its distinctive flavor. It has a very pleasing aroma and is popular for its aesthetics and medicinal properties as well as its extensive usage in cooking.

This spice is another all-time favorite among humans. While a lot of spices are used to heat up or add a complex, savory taste to their dishes, this spice is most often seen in desserts. Cinnamon is often paired with sugar to create delicious cookies, pies, ciders, and other baked goods. While it can also be used in savory dishes, it is most often used in sweets. It has had an illustrious reputation since antiquity and continues to be widely used today.

Spice Blog

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for centuries in Indian cooking. It has a slightly bitter, earthy flavor and a vibrant yellow color. Turmeric is also known for its medicinal properties, and it is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. In recent years, turmeric has become popular in the Western world as a health supplement.

When it comes to cooking, nutmeg is a spice that is often overlooked. However, it has a flavor profile that can enhance the taste of many dishes. In this blog post, I will discuss what spices go well with nutmeg and how to use nutmeg in cooking. I will also provide tips on how to start using nutmeg in your cooking repertoire!

Herbs de Provence is a very common household seasoning that is a blend of dried herbs that come from the Provence region of southeastern France – hence the name Herbs De Provence. This seasoning can be widely used in all types of recipes or top off your favorite dish for some extra herb-flavor.